HACKED: TV Station’s Emergency Alert System Warns That ‘Bodies of the Dead Are Rising From Their Graves


Television viewers in several Montana counties had to be baffled when an emergency alert interrupted the “Steve Wilkos Show” to report that the zombie apocalypse had begun — and after millions of Americans had watched AMC’s “The Walking Dead” just the night before.

“Civil authorities in your area have reported that the bodies of the dead are rising from their graves and attacking the living,” the emergency alert calmly stated. “Do not attempt to approach or apprehend these bodies as they are considered very dangerous.”

The somewhat humorous — and  clearly fake — alert was promptly yanked from the air and KRTV issued an apology on air and online for the mix-up.

Someone apparently hacked into the Emergency Alert System and announced on KRTV and the CW that “dead bodies are rising from their graves” in several Montana counties.

This message did not originate from KRTV, and there is no emergency.

Our engineers are investigating to determine what happened and if it affected other media outlets.

The Great Falls Tribune reports at least four people called the police to see if the hoax was true following the alert.

As Gawker observes, we don’t know who is responsible for the hack, how they did it or why. If nothing else, rest easy knowing the zombie apocalypse has been averted for at least one more day.

Watch the video of the emergency alert below:

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Canadian Warns: Registration = Confiscation

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By Pat Battle and Katie Honan, NBCNewYork.com

Amid continued power outages in parts of the Northeast, many residents found temporary refuge from cold and dark homes inside their cars. For one New Jersey man, he used the power from his hybrid car to light up his entire house.

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Bob Sakala of Paramus says he bought his Toyota Prius Hybrid in June to save gas. In the week since the storm, he powered his home — including lights, laptops and a television — on three quarters of a tank of gas. Sakala says he first read about the Prius’ use as a power source years ago on the internet.

After the storm, and the resulting power outage, he thought he’d give it a try. He ended up powering a few lights, his TV, laptop and modem with a 100 watt power inverter and a few heavy-duty extension cords he purchased at Home Depot. He later moved to a 300 watt inverter, which let him power more lights.

“The neighbors kept saying, ‘Does Bob have a generator?’ No, it’s the Prius. It’s a spaceship,” he said.

Although he couldn’t plug in a heater to the car, Sakala said he was happy to keep the lights on, something hundreds of thousands of customer are without in New York and New Jersey.

At the storm’s peak, more than 8.5 million homes and businesses across 21 states lost power. As of Thursday, that was down to about 750,000, almost entirely in New York and New Jersey.

Thursday’s nor’easter overnight knocked out power to more than 200,000 customers in New York and New Jersey, erasing some of the progress made by utility crews. Power was restored to Sakala’s block Thursday evening.

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New York City awakened Tuesday to a flooded subway system, shuttered financial markets and hundreds of thousands of people without power a day after a wall of seawater and high winds slammed into the city, destroying buildings and flooding tunnels. Credit: AP

The New York Post is reporting that more than a dozen looters have been arrested following incidents in Coney Island, and the Rockaways sections of the city. In lower Manhattan, looters descended on the tourist area known as the South Street Seaport, helping themselves to merchandise from the stores in the mall.

The Huffington Post’s Crime section is also covering the looting in the southern portion of Brooklyn, reporting tensions are high, fights are breaking out between residents and at least one drug store has been targeted by looters.
Looting and Scammers Take Advantage Of Storm In NYC

The MedaAid Pharmacy claimed that thieves had rummaged through more 10,000 pharmaceutical products and made off with a considerable number of prescription meds.

Gothamist captured some photos of the Brookstone store that was among those victimized by a gang of approximately twelve looters who took advantage of the store’s broken windows early on Tuesday morning.

Looting and Scammers Take Advantage Of Storm In NYC

In addition to the sporadic looting, several reports of scammers hitting the streets of the affected areas are popping up. Fake utility company workers apparently were robbing people in one section of the city, the Post reports. In the past during similar situations, crooks have been reported to extort powerless homeowners by claiming that cash will get their power restored sooner. It won’t. Power is expected to be out for days.

The NYC transit system remains in a crippled state. There is no subway service in the entire city and power is still out to the section of the city below 39th street — for the uninitiated, that covers a critical portion of the city including Wall Street, the financial district, NYU, SOHO, and Penn Station. Amtrak’s northeast corridor remains virtually shutdown north of Newark, NJ.

Because of the transit issues and the closing of water-soaked tunnels, hundreds of thousands of people are trying to drive into the city for work using the few active entrances. This influx of cars is clogging traffic and now putting a strain on the very limited number of gas stations in Manhattan. One friend of TheBlaze reported that lines are quite long at the handful of stations on the small island, and at least one station had already run out of fuel. On top of that, gas prices rose as East Coast ports usually used to import crude oil have been affected.

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1984′s “Red Dawn” might be the single most anti-communist movie ever made, and not just relative to Hollywood’s usual material. The original version of the film practically oozes raw individualism and American resourcefulness, so much so that even the trailer opens with a paean to American exceptionalism: “No Foreign Army Has Ever Occupied American Soil.”

Hollywood has apparently decided to remake the film, this time not about a Soviet invasion of America, but about…a North Korean invasion of America. The film originally had the Chinese as the villain invaders. But, as it turns out, China is the world’s #2 movie market. I guess it doesn’t pay to alienate so many viewers, so the studio decided to digitally change the Chinese soldiers into North Korean soldiers. Interesting choice of country, and it might explain why a group of teenagers is capable of winning. Watch the trailer for this new imagining of the film below:


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A little AA battery trick they don’t want you to know…



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Walter Hickey, Business Insider

The Government Accountability Office just released a report backing up earlier findings: because a series of recommendations were ignored, the U.S. electric grid remains highly susceptible to cyberattacks.

The grid is reliant on a number of IT systems that have known and likely unknown vulnerabilities. The result of a cyberattack on the grid could result in damage to electricity control systems, power outages, and failures in safety equipment on a scale currently unknown.

GAO believes that there are still massive problems in the way the grid secures itself. Here are some of the reasons why they said the grid was open to attack:

  • A lack of a coordinated approach to monitor industry compliance with voluntary standards.
  • Aspects of the current regulatory environment made it difficult to ensure the cybersecurity of smart grid systems.
  • A focus by utilities on regulatory compliance instead of comprehensive security.
  • A lack of security features consistently built into smart grid systems.

The verdict? A terrible regulatory environment that makes the industry focus on things that don’t make the grid more secure. Electric companies who couldn’t care less about spending more on security. A lack of focus on preventing an attack against the electric lifeblood of the United States.

The worst is, GAO told the Government what they had to do last year, and it was ignored.

The Department of Commerce’s report on smart grid security was missing key elements” and has not been fixed.

The Department of Energy was tasked with periodically evaluate[ing] the extent to which utilities [...] are following voluntary interoperability and cybersecurity standards” and this report says they haven’t.

Until that happens, the grid remains wide open. And all anyone has to do is look at India this week to see what happens when a nation’s grid collapses.

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Any part of the system can stand alone, but the more of the system one has with them, the greater their chances to make their destination in one piece, and the greater the chance to get there quickly and efficiently.

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ABC to Air Texas Based Militia Drama by Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott

According to Deadline Hollywood, ABC is now reportedly creating a show about a Texas-based militia.

ABC reportedly bought the pitch– called “Founding Fathers” — from Lorenzo Di Bonaventura and Dan McDermott, two former studio executives who were involved in the launching of movies like “The Matrix,“ ”Spin City,“ and ”Transformers.”

Deadline Hollywood adds:

Written by feature scribe Rich D’Ovidio (Exit Woods, Thir13en Ghosts), Founding Fathers is described as “Donnie Brasco set in the world of Texas militias.” It centers on Nick Keating who, after serving a third tour in Afghanistan, returns home to find his small Texas town under the control of a militia group led by his older foster brother. After being seduced by the militia’s surprisingly community-based motives, he accepts a rare invitation to join the group. But unbeknownst to his new “family,” Nick has a secret agenda that will put his life in jeopardy and lead him to question his allegiances.

Understandably, many preppers — while intrigued by the project– are skeptical of how ABC will present it.

Will it make gun-owners look like fanatical nuts?  Will it be a thinly-veiled piece to show extreme right wingers as domestic terrorists, like Timothy McVeigh?  And why is it called Founding Fathers?  Will it be dragging their name through the mud, too?

Or, will it actually be a unique work, innovative and intriguing enough to hold the attention of both sides?

One commenter noted that the higher-ups within ABC have continued to employ Brian Ross, who leaped to connect the Aurora, Colorado massacre with a Tea Party supporter.

Another simply said: “A small Texas town under control by ‘Texas militia’? Not very believable… A small Texas town under control by ‘Mexican drug cartel’?  Already there, but we can’t have everybody seeing that on television, can we?”