Over the last 4 years, interest in prepping and survival have risen immensely.  Likewise, the number of websites and blogs related to family preparations and survival increased.  Some have great resources and information.  Others?  Not so much.  The following list includes survival blogs and websites that I think every prepper should visit daily:


This is the first blog I visit each day.  Rourke is a serious prepper and posts on his preps and thoughts on prepping daily.  He also has one of the most extensive libraries of survival related files available for download.  I have met Rourke and also heard him speak at the Sensible Prepper Conference last April.  He is honest, knowledgeable, and very serious about prepping to insure his family’s survival.


Author Jim Rawles is the author of the survivalist novel Patriots: A Novel of Survival in the Coming Collapse and the national bestseller How to Survive the End of the World as We Know It. He also runs the most popular blog on survival and preparedness topics.  Survivalblog.com has an immense amount of information, written by Rawles and guest authors, and should be visited regularly, if not daily.


Another of my favorites, this blog’s author takes a no holds barred approach to delivering his message of preparedness.  He is also not afraid to express his strong opinions regarding any issue.  Interesting and entertaining … I never miss SHTFplan.


BugOutSurvival.com is the blog run by Scott B Williams, author of the bestseller Bugout:  The Complete Plan for Escaping a Catastrophic Disaster Before It’s Too Late. While I honestly don’t visit this website EVERYDAY … I do visit it regularly.  Scott doesn’t post daily, which is the reason I don’t visit daily.  He is a very knowledgeable survivalist and writes well … (duh … he wrote a bestseller!)  I am also very interested in Scott’s upcoming book, Bugout Vehicles and Shelters:  Build and Outfit Your Lifesaving Escape (scheduled for a September release.)

Big Bear Daily

This is the daily journal of a man who grew tired of the daily grind as an Information Technology Director and decided to pack it in and live off the grid.  The blog is packed full of critical information about off-gird living and survival preparation.  It is also entertaining to read about his life with dogs, cats, chickens and some serious wildlife that sometimes visit his remote cabin.  I recommend reading from the beginning of the blog to follow his life and learn as he does, through trial and error.

So, what are some of YOUR favorite prepper blogs and websites?  Please share them with us by submitting a comment below!


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