YouTube has been one of the net’s best sources of entertainment and information for several years.  But it is also a fantastic source of prepping and survival information.  Below is a small representation of some of the best YouTube channels for preppers.  I highly recommend that you browse each channel to see what they have to offer.  If you know of other great channels I may have missed, please send them to me!


    Sootch’s channel is my absolute favorite.  Not only is Sootch of the top gun and gear reviewers on YouTube, he is also a genuine guy.  He is one of the most popular channels for preppers because he knows what he is talking about.  Sootch also provides great information on why to prep, how to prepare to insure your family’s survival, and general information on other topics of interest to survivalists.

    Wilderness Outfitters

    This channel is run by Dave Canterberry and The Pathfinder School.  Most preppers are now familiar with Dave from his TV show, Dual Survival.  On the Wilderness Outfitters’ channel, Dave and other Pathfinder School instructors teach practical wilderness survival skills that teach true self-reliance.


    I only recently discovered this unusual channel. Channel host, David, demonstrates how one group of survivors might try to make it in times after TEOTWAWKI. He plays out different scenarios and shows practical information on how survivors can best survive in each scenario. Interesting and original channel … check it out!

    AnalyticalSurvival’s Channel

    The Analytical Survival channel provides some of the most detailed preparedness information I have seen. His “Core Survival Series” is outstanding, detailing his views on developing a survival plan. Analytical Survival is a well named channel, because it is what I would term a thinking man’s survival site. This guy has obviously spent a great deal of time analyzing and thinking about each topic discussed and provides extremely detailed information. Overall, it is a great resource for all preppers.

    Engineer775’s Channel

    I was recently turned onto this channel by Sootch00. Scott is an engineer and a prepper. He provides detailed information on his many projects and ideas. As an engineer, Scott often comes up with well designed and unusual solutions from which we all can learn a great deal.

    SurvivalistBoards’ Channel

    IF you have been searching for survivalist information on the internet for any length of time, you are undoubtedly familiar with This channel is run by Kevin, webmaster of that website. It includes a good variety of prepping & hunting oriented videos worth viewing.

    Survive2Day’s Channel

    I only recently discovered this channel, but wanted to share it. The videos provide basic, straight-forward information that is practical and useful. Some of the topics include backup furnaces, emergency car kits, long-term food storage, survival books and buying silver. I recommend giving it a look!


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